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Hello, everyone!

I just joined and thought I ought to introduce myself. My name's Key (well, Kirsten really, but Key for short), and I'll be beginning my freshman year at Michigan State University this fall.

I'm going to be majoring in English my freshman year, and then switching to secondary education my sophomore year. Since I was in elementary school I knew I wanted to be an english teacher. The love of words and language is an all-consuming passion of mine.

I'm still debating about what to minor in. I'm currently imagining some sort of Social Studies minor, because it really makes a teacher marketable (as my Geography teacher told me). Any other suggestions?

Also, as an English Major, I'm going to have to take a second language...

I already speak a fair amount of Swedish (my family's heritage is Swedish), and I took one year of Spanish (which I did not like) and three years of Japanese. So now I would like something that would really be relevant to my studies, and I'm considering Latin. Though part of me has always wanted to learn Russian or Arabic, I'm not sure how useful they would really be.

Any advice? Any fellow English-Teachers-To-Be out there? =)
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