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futureeducators's Journal

Future Educators
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Welcome to futureeducators a community for students who are looking to become some sort of teacher, or for current teachers to network with students looking to go into academics.

What I hope will happen here is the following:

*The sharing of experiences.

*Recommendations of programs

*Ideas for how to do lessons

*having a forum to ask how to deal with issues that come up in our classrooms (or where ever you teach)

*and just plain fun related to academics.


1) since this is an all ages community and we are people planning on being role models for the next generations, No profanity. (there are probably some very rare exceptions to this but they are Very Rare.)

2) Pictures are welcome but please for the sake of those on dial up Put it behind an LJ cut. you may post one picture that's no larger than 300X500 as a teaser but the rest behind the cut.

3) Treat any and all questions that are asked with respect. It may be a basic question to you but you have no idea how experienced or not the person asking is.

3b) Try to keep all questions on the subject of teaching/schools/academics, that's what we're here for.

4) Have fun.