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Advice, please: writing in second grade...

I'm a first-year teacher with loads of research from all of the experts at her fingertips (I used to work in professional development/education resource sales...) and despite it all, I've been struggling with teaching writing to my second graders this year. I've tried so many tactics, accomodating all of the learning styles and needs, and I still feel like I'm at a students have been pretty great through it all, I'll admit. They seem to have liked the changes of pace and trying new things...however, I'd like to really implement Writing Workshop in my class for next year. I'm trying out a crash version of it now (which the kids seem to be getting into...)...any advice for next year? Any advice for what I should maybe try out during these last several weeks of the school year? Thanks...:)
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i don't know if this will help or not but my second grade teacher (way back in 1979) set up a creative writing center in the back of the room. she really emphasized writing and had a file with "storycards" in it. each card had a silly sentence for us to "jump start" a story with. i personally LOVED it. she also gave us key vocabulary words to use in our stories for extra credit. i always wrote stories using ALL the words!

with the 8 year old i nanny for, he's obsessed with star wars but isn't comfortable reading or writing so i have him draw star wars pics and then he dictates story to me. then he writes his own...we switch off.

hope this may help you in some way. good luck!