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Pre-school problems, late fees killed me.

This is my first time posting. This situatioon has been bothering me since it happend yesterday.
THe story is, I have in my care twin nieces who are 3 yrs old, my sister left them for me to take care of 2 1/2 yrs ago, she left for a funeral, and said she was coming back in 2 weeks, but have yet to come and get them, that was 2 1/2 yrs ago. 
Well, I have applied for susidide daycare, and was immediately approve. I want the best for the twins since they havent been having the best in their parents, so I wanted to make sure that they have a very happy childhood. 
I have had problems with previous daycares giving care to them, bc they are twins..these daycares treated them as if they were the same person, when they are not. SO I removed them and put them into a new daycare a month ago (its been a year and a half since their last move). Well, this new daycare looked very inticing to kids, and the director was nice at the beggining.
 However, I work for the school distrct here, and I am off for th summer, but Im taking summer classes. Well, yesterday, I had a real bad headache, and was real tired, so I went home after class, and went to take a nap. I set my clock, but it didnt go off. I was late picking the girls up. So, when I took them to the daycare this morning, the director told me to pay the late pick-up fee of 43X2, which =$86. I am so heart broken bc I explain to them what happend, and that never happend to me before..she was like, "you cant bring them here until you pay". I was thinking, WOW! none of the other daycares never did that to me, they never shut me and the girls out bc of late fees, they always tried to work with me, bc they know I cant afford the daycare fee, bc I am a student, and the kids are not even mine. Well, to make a long story short, I asked to speak to the owner, and this Director, she was hesitant about me speaking to her, she was making up excuses to the owner to why she made me pay this high fee. A dollar per minute fee.
 I had payed the girls daycare up front for the whole summer, bc I work for the school district, and I didnt want to not have any money to pay their daycare...and this is what happend to me...I would end up paying out more money than I even had to pay for the whole summer, as a matter of fact, with me being on subsidide payment, that $86 was 3 times the amount of my actual fee that I paid for the whole summer. I feel so dissapointed in myself, and I felt as if this daycare only cared about money.I asked the owner if I can pay by installments and she wrote out a letter and had me signed it, agreeing I pay her by August 30th  when I go back to work, but I still feel harmed byt this.And I dont think I can trust the director there.

I just want to ask, should I moved the girls and put them some where else? bc  am very dissapointed in the service they are rendering, she made excuses not to have the girls stay at the daycare today, when I told her I had classes to attend, and summer classes, are very intensive, you miss a day, you miss alot. Should i move them from this money hungry daycare immediately?

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